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Would it offer substantially better performance? What would it look like? The same number of resistors is used, but the resistors are differently arranged. Please try again later. I would love to arrive at the point where creating my posts was my top priority of the day, not something that I have to steal time from other obligations to do. We deliver all of France, and internationally.

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Tue Apr 06, 2: Due to the 80mA constant-current source, the maximum symmetrical output is a tad over 4Vpk the signal source will provide its 6an7 13mA of peak current swing.

Yes, less electronics more music. Preamp gain with one per channel is about Would it be possible? Resistor Rak is the current-sense resistor and it establishes the balance between top srppp bottom triodes for a specified load impedance.

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We deliver all of France, and internationally. In fact, not many cathode followers really sound good at all. The top triode functions as an active load for the bottom triode and its two cathode resistors magnified by the top triode’s mu, making the load impedance effectively much larger. The cascading into a cathode follower is a good design move as it input impedance is 6ns7 infinite, so input stages isn’t dragged down; and the cathode follower’s output impedance is low.


New SRPP Circuits

Why write products reviews? Liste des composants Format XLS. See post for more details. I strove to make this an apples against apples battle, so the gain equals the transistor-based version. The k resistor adds some Aikido mojo and greatly improves the PSRR, which is critical in a headphone amplifier.

Please try again later. Well, the conversion was 6sj7 than I thought it would be.

DIY Audio Projects Forum

You can share your feelings about products and help other people by sharing your experience. Mon Apr 05, Want to email me the schematic if posting here is not so convenient?

Connection for Potentiometer Shaft. The resulting distortion is fairly low and the gain is fairly high, which makes this circuit a good candidate for applying a negative feedback loop.

I finished it several months ago and have been using it ever since as my main one. The 6en7 mu follower is about 1.

6SN7 SRPP Preamplifier PCB (Stereo)_Bare PCB_Analog Metric – DIY Audio Kit Developer

The SRPP portion is laid out in a horizontal fashion. Not nearly as good as the hybrid version, but for a pure-tube version working into a ohm load, it is fairly good. Sr;p is more IMHO. I’ll get it out there soonly.


The result is a further linearizing of the MOSFETs, but a diminution of total transconductance, which helps explain why the current-sense resistor, Rak, is now a big 15 ohms in value.

AMC – Kit Preamp module SRPP tube 6SN7

I would love to arrive at the point where creating my posts was my top priority of the day, not something that I have to steal erpp from other obligations to do.

I have patrons to go. I have more to go. The ECC99 tubes, however, will get plenty hot.

THe constant-current source only sees a 10V voltage drop at idle, so it does not get that hot. At one 6sj7, the load impedance is ohms and the value of Rak is 30 ohms; at the other extreme, the intended load impedance is 32 ohms and Rak equals 30 in parallel with 5.

Resistor Rk sets the desired cathode-to-plate voltage for the bottom triode by altering the idle current flow through the companion transistor.

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