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The CPE is shipped with a standard default bridge configuration; for most users, you may want to change the CPE from a bridge to a router. Since static IP address is typically used to host WEB servers, you may want to use a bridge connection. Part 2 describes how to configure Internet properties on your computer s. There are no restrictions on the number of members that may belong to a host group. The router is normally configured to automatically provide all the PC’s on your network with Internet addresses.

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Asus AAMVI-T4 User Manual | Page 33 / 40

At the system commands page, click on Save All. Part 1 provides instructions to set up the hardware. Unit is powered on Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. The basic layout of the Home page consists of a page selection list across the top of the browser window. Don’t show me this message again.

To perform the test, select your connection from the list and press the Test button. You will need to log back onto the CPE after the firmware upgrade aam6020gi complete.


Give your DHCP connection a unique name; the name must not have spaces and cannot begin with numbers. Contact your DSL service provider for further assistance.

Do not assign the same IP address to more than one computer and your CPE must be on the same subnet as all the other computers. Configuring Your Pc 2 and Both the wireless stations and the access points must use the same WEP key for data encryption and decryption. Figure 23 Update Gateway 4.

Continue following these directions. The firmware upgrade should take less that 5 minutes to complete. Also, if you do not get aa,6020vi screen shown in Figure 1, you may need to delete your temporary Internet files basically flush the cached web pages.

ASUS ADSL 4-Ports Ethernet

Make sure this is the correct file. By default when you select ping test, the CPE will ping itself 3 times. To make the change permanent you need to click on Tools at the sam6020vi of the page and select System Commands.

It acts similarly to the firewall in your car, protecting the interior of the car from the engine. The Lease Time is the amount of time a network user will be allowed connection to the Router with their current dynamic IP address. Log into your CPE.


You may get an error message at this point; this is normal. Click on upgrade firmware as shown in Figure Figure 23 Update Gateway. In this case the unique name is called DHCP1. At the system commands page, click on To make the change aam6200vi you need to click on Tools at the top of the page and select System Commands.

Screenshots – Asus – AAM6020VI-T4 (Asus Firmware)

In presence of multiple Asuus connections, select the one over which the incoming traffic will be present, for example the default Internet connection. The apply button will temporarily save this connection. Figure 1 Log-in Screen 4. When on-demand option is not enable, this value specifies the time to wait without being connected to your provider before terminating the connection.

The apply button will temporarily save this connection. The subnet mask must be

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