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In our test shots, this undoubtedly contributes to the slightly softer focus of the indoor portrait, as compared to the outdoor one shot in full sun. Extended viewing of images will drastically shorten your battery life. Even better, the reference image is translucent, meaning you can “see through” it to the current scene coming from the sensor. Movie files occupy the same space as 2 “fine” quality images. This addresses a frequent user complaint with digital cameras, as most take a minimum of seconds to process each image. If you can manage to push the shutter button within as much as a tenth of a second or so of the event itself, it will be safely recorded. Timed Exposure Modes We’ve mentioned the QV’s timed exposure modes several times already, but feel they’re so important that we’re giving them their own section here.

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Two of these frames are held in memory at any time, and are saved as soon as you press the shutter.

Titles are created by capturing a high-contrast image using a special recording mode, selecting one of several standard banner formats, choosing title and banner colors, and finally picking an image to drop the title onto.

In practice though, we found the steps between compensation levels weren’t uniform, sometimes making it difficult to achieve exactly the exposure we were trying for. Also, the camera would sometimes take a few seconds to respond to an exposure compensation change, which could result in losing a critical shot.

Digital Cameras – Casio QV Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Unfortunately, the in-camera image-assembly is only of sufficient quality for display on the small LCD screen: Viper SmartKey unlocks cars with hands-free ease, but requires alarm.

You end up with a total of four images, corresponding to the two “past” images, the cawio immediately after you pressed the shutter, and one more 0. That said, although we didn’t conduct any formal tests, our general impression was that batteries lasted somewhat longer in the QV than in other LCD-equipped cameras. In fact, they’ve once again gone one better than anyone else, allowing you to actually view panoramas you’ve shot directly within the camera!


Casio QV – digital camera Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Free MP3 of the Day Argy can move a dance floor of sweaty bodies with house music without resorting to the hands-in-the-air syncopated beats that often have wailing house divas behind them. Like its “big brother,” the QV camera is unique in offering a wide range of unusual features, many of which we found highly useful.

At 7 ounces g without batteries, it’s toward the lighter end of the range for vq in its class. Color accuracy on the QV was quite good, with good saturation relative to other units we’ve tested.

Direct sunlight can swamp the illumination of casi backlight, making them hard to read. The QV is a basically a scaled-back version of the earlier QV, but with some important new features of its own: Instead of stopping its continuous recording with the button-press, it starts it instead.

QV-770 Manual

Self-Timer Mode Self-Timer mode is indicated by a stopwatch icon. What’s 7770, the resulting movie can be played back directly on the camera. Designed to be held primarily by your right hand, the most often-used controls are readily available under either your thumb or forefinger, and a row of buttons along the bottom of the rear-mounted LCD screen control less common functions. You might not want to rely on the QV’s presentation capabilities to sell a multi million-dollar business deal, but they’d be absolutely great for family “slide shows,” or school projects.

Although we found the TFT display in the QV slightly less prone to this problem than earlier models.


Recharge them fully at the first sign of a low-battery warning! The lens uses a switchable iris, with two fixed aperture settings.

Casio QV-770

The neatest trick is the QV’s “Past” mode, in which the camera captures three frames of data before you press the shutter button! A word of caution though: Video Output Casio was one of the first companies to include video output capability on their 770, a function that is now commonplace.

In this mode, the LCD panel acts as a viewfinder, but also gives you some information on camera settings: All of these basic applications allow full control over uploading and downloading to or from the camera, and are all you really need to get images into or out of the QV The ability to achieve such good alignment between shots makes the final stitching process much easier, and reduces the likelihood you’ll have visible seams in your final panorama.

As mentioned earlier though, you may need to wait a few seconds after making a change, as there seems to be a slight time lag built into the camera’s autoexposure circuitry. Even better, the “Past” mode scans the subject continuously, and saves the two frames just before you pressed the shutter, helping to compensate for lagging reflexes that normally result in pictures snapped just after the critical moment has passed.

Alternatively, you can manually select a fixed white 7770 to compensate for incandescent, fluorescent, or daylight lighting. This means the QV fits comfortably if a little heavily into an average shirt pocket. LCDs are also famous for their power consumption, meaning that near-continuous usage as a viewfinder can lead to short battery life.

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