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Safari Download the latest version. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line The resulting photo then very directly shows how accurate the viewfinder is. If the leftmost images are reasonably bright, the camera should do fine with typical city night scenes. Chrome Download the latest version. There’s also an interesting slideshow mode that will play pictures, fade in and out in a fancy way and play music for your enjoyment. The brightly colored embroidery threads in the upper right portion of the Still Life target are good examples of situations where this might happen.

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Here’s what to look for dsv-w130 this target: Many or not so many years ago I picked up an old Kodak 2MP digital camera. Overall color is bright and vibrant, yet still natural and appealing.

Cyan tones were also strongly pushed toward blue, another common digital camera issue, possibly in an effort to boost blue skies. Since children are so wiggly, it’s incredibly difficult to get a good picture of a smiling tot without always shooting in Continuous mode. Available in silver, black, and pink, it offers some choices for gadget color coordination though not as much as its 7-megapixel little brother, the DSC-W, which comes in black, silver, pink, and blue.

We’ll therefore always shoot a full set cyer-shot test dxc-w130 of this target across each camera’s ISO range, for every camera we test.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130 8.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

The DSC-W’s lens also showed somewhat high distortion levels, at both zoom positions. Photo printers are generally much better at showing shadow detail than are CRTs, so you’ll want a camera that preserves good detail here.


These photos are a tough exposure challenge, if they come out OK, the camera in question can probably be coaxed into delivering a good flash exposure of any subject within its range. You get a lot of resolution and a good zoom lens, plus a nice array of exposure modes and creative options for capturing unique images.

Sony DSC-W Review – Test Shots

These days, 2GB is good and affordable, but look at a 4GB card if you’ll be using the W for video. Our Multi Target see below sports a full-sized MacBeth chart, but the one here serves as a good check of color balance and rendition, and is also useful for checking white balance on this particular shot.

Flash, focus, exposure, and white balance are all calculated to get the best image of the detected faces in the frame. As mentioned above, the salt grains and reflections of the studio lights in the salt mill are examples of fairly subtle highlight detail that sdc-w130 anti-noise processing sometimes obliterate. The label of the vinegar bottle second from the right is another great place to look for lost detail cyer-shot noise suppression, as the image of the person at the top of the label is actually a depiction of a mosaic.

One of a range of very similar W series compacts announced in earlythe DSC-W is a basic but cyber-sho put together 8.

When it came to timing, the DSC-W proved to be fairly responsive overall, if a little sluggish in some areas. Unlike Easy mode, user controls are expanded to include csc-w130 full range of resolution settings, as well as the ability to control EV compensation, focus mode, etc.

We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: Look at the photos, print them on your own photo printer. In fact, over the eight or so years since we first shot this subject, the trees in front of the house have now grown so large that they obscure much of the subject.


In the crop above, the mosaic shows great detail, though with a little smudging in the clothing and skin features. Purely for entertainment, this option lets you combine a music track with slide shows, for peppier playback. A generous set of onboard photo retouching and viewing features lets you tweak the photos you shoot with the W The 4x optical zoom lens offers slightly more zoom than the average point-and-shoot digital camera, covering a range equivalent to mm on a 35mm camera, with a slightly wider maximum wide angle setting to boot.

We do however, still use it for our flash range and low light tests below.

A four-way Multi-controller immediately below not only navigates through menu settings, but also accesses Display, Macro, Flash, and Self-Timer modes. Despite the lack of a front finger grip, the DSC-W30 was easy to grasp one-handed, and my cber-shot easily found a home between the zoom lever and Mode dial on the rear panel.

Detail loss to anti-noise processing? This test shows the best results we could obtain using each camera’s macro mode.

The flash units on many digital cameras don’t illuminate the scene very evenly, especially at wide angle focal lengths. Face Detection can detect as many as eight faces in one frame, and you also have the ability to specify child or adult faces.

Support by Sony mobile app: Submit a News Tip! Internet Explorer Download the latest version.

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