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Being that I acquired mine from the relatives of a deceased neighbor, I had this same problem. If you are connected directly to the printer with USB you can also use the Memory card manager to access your pictures. Power is getting to the printer as the cartridges move into center when power is turned on and colored lights by the connections in the back usb and power cord are working. You can get some compressed air and clean it out. I have went to dell and driver detictive, but can not download the software or driver. Design Dell is very small and equally light. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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Power is getting to the printer as the cartridges move lsser center when power is turned on and colored lights by the connections in the back usb and power cord are working.

Scanning a full size document at DPI took about 8 seconds, and a color document took 10 seconds.

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Id like to try to be able to fix this darn thing rather than give it away on the freecycle website or storing it in my shed. On top of the is the scanner, a small screen and a few controls. To scan a 8. Because of this buying a printer just for photos does not make a lot of sense.


The part that I am not happy with is the handling of the cartridges. Is it actually altering the clarity of the image or just making it smaller? Over the last couple years printers have gone through several evolutions. It was working great, then all of a sudden it jammed on me.


Scanning is something you can start from a computer or from the printer. I took your advice, and I actually had to dump the printer upside down and shake it.

I have had my Dell All-in-one Photo printer for years now. Is this a sensor problem? This printer has a lot of great features for its price.

If for some ,aser the print head alignment does not start automatically you can start it manually by using the display and controls.

Overall the printing, scanning, and copying were good quality and quick. Then after that is all taken care of install the software again and AFTER the software is installed plug inthe printer. To make up for this the can scan to just about any fax software and then you use the modem in your computer to send the fax. Make sure you read the entire thread so you can see where others got stuck.

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Anyone ever had this problem. Ive tried loads and nearlly fixed the problem but it stopped working again. The Dell printer uses three ink cartridges, but only two at a time. To scan a 4 x 6 full color page at DPI it took 1 minute and 15 seconds. The most common culprit I believe was staples. For that price I would be willing to put up with a few quirks and I think that you will also.


Who knows, maybe I can get someone to refill the cartridges and if not, no big deal.

It is also possible that the scanner makes a smaller version for email. It sounds like the software got messed up.

The drivers you used in Vista should work in 7. It can even scan to e-mail by opening a new e-mail message on your PC and attaching the scan as a file.

My Dell printer has worked fine for several years. When you are printing, the software not only gives you the amount that is done, it also tells you approximately how many more printings you can do and it shows you a graphical representation of how much ink you have left.

The quality of the scan is excellent, as you can see from the following images. But the next one worked just fine when I followed the instructions.

The quality of the text is also a consideration when you purchase a printer. The drivers are available from the Dell website.

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