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Accessories The delivery contents are easy to oversee in light of the high acquisition price. Temperature The maximum temperature of Only when looking at the display from extreme angles in the vertical plane does the picture begin to invert or dim. Review Sections Review Specs. More affordable and better equipped models are partially preconfigured, and are available from various online retailers. When carrying out tasks with little load the temperatures with a maximum of Compatibility problems, which could be a potential problem due to the special Quadro driver didn’t emerge during the testing.

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Our optical drive is made by Prceision, and can read and write the usual disc formats as well as Blu-ray discs. Voltcraft VC Plus Readers Test Classic Test The battery life is fortunately very good during use with moderate power consumption when carrying out tasks with a low load thanks to the very high capacity battery.

Review Dell Precision M Notebook – Reviews

There is hence still more than enough room for upgrade potential. Large 97 Wh battery.

This laptop has been tested to power on and check the specs. Merely FireWire and Thunderbolt could be added for the sake of completenessboth are so far meaningless for Windows notebooks though, and therefore also not available from competitors either. With this different sequences of popular CAD programs are carried out. The additional cost in the Dell configuration of Euros seems a little high though, since similarly good Del are currently available for about Euros.


Dell M Refine Results. The measured weight of our reviewed device is approximately 3. We weren’t able to determine the Bluetooth version, presumably this is Bluetooth 3.

In any case a 3G modem is separately available Dell Wirelessapprox. The only really detrimental disadvantage of our reviewed configuration is the enormously high price of currently about Euros.

Above the keyboard on the left are volume and mute buttons and on the far right is the power button. Just be ready for high costs if you customize it. Missing separate panels in the base plate make upgrades more difficult. Granted, most of the graphic artists and engineers dfll mobile workstations are keeping them at a desk, but if you need to travel with your PC then all that 4m600 metal will keep those high-priced components safe.

Dell Precision M Laptop. The images displayed may still be recognizable, but colors, contrast and brightness are extremely altered. The docking port hasn’t changed since the predecessor. Used Dell Inspiron M available for sale.

One point in particular which speaks in favor of the Dell Precision workstation is the preccision restrained system noise. Dell Precision M Quad Core i7 2.

Dell M4600

As can be seen from the measured values, the high illumination at the center tapers off considerably towards the sides. One thing we did notice is a pulsing or flickering when the backlight is reduced to about 75 percent brightness, and which gets more noticeable the dimmer you set the screen.


Up for sale is a used Dell Precision M in good working condition with scratches and signs of wear. Windows 7 Ultimate bit.

Dell M PC Laptops & Netbooks | eBay

We also like the separate provision of audio ports, which makes the use of headsets with mini jacks possible among other precison. Since the difference compared to the significantly more affordable Intel Core iQM CPU Thinkpad W is however relatively small, only performance enthusiasts are likely to opt for the variant in our reviewed model.

There is no warrant The palm resting area is firm, the gaps are even, and the surface feels pleasant. The online shop currently only allows the workstation to be equipped with the small 60 Wh battery though.

Dell Precision M4600 Quad Core I7 2.40ghz Laptop

Also in this class is the HP Elitebook w. The weight of 3. The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch

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