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Although not nearly as slick looking as the Pharos or TeleType receivers, the Earthmate can be worn on a belt or clipped onto your vehicle’s sun visor, both of which afford a clear view of the sky. Prepare the USB Cable and connect it. Street Atlas supports voice-guided driving directions; contains more than 4 million points of interest POI , such as ATMs, restaurants, gas stations, and major attractions; and allows route creation on the fly. I’ve confirmed that these drivers allow the Earthmate to operate with Tru-Traffic, but starting with version 6. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. The crowdsourced driving directions app now lets you add widgets so you can track your ETA more easily and quickly. Delaney May 25,

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DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 – GPS kit Series

While recording trip logs, Tru-Traffic doesn’t like these long gaps. It includes a magnetic mount, a waterproof delofme, and a 5-ft USB cable so you can easily mount it on the roof of a vehicle with good exposure to the sky.

Solder the Red wire to the Positive post as shown Left. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS review: DeLorme Earthmate GPS – Roadshow

But either way, I had many more troublesome gaps with the Magellan. Although not nearly as slick looking as the Pharos or TeleType receivers, the Earthmate can be worn on a belt or clipped onto your vehicle’s sun visor, both of which afford a clear view of usg sky.

Disadvantages are that it could work only when connected to a computer, not as a standalone unit, and its battery life was very short, making the power cable connector a virtual necessity. Twist the black wire and the ground cable together and solder them to the negative post as shown Left. I don’t know if these problems persist with more current models, but the experience of some Tru-Traffic users in North Carolina does not sound promising. This isn’t critical, and it may not even matter, but without such a chipset, it’s likely to have difficulty maintaining a fix in low-signal conditions, such as urban canyons or under tree canopies.


Have you noticed I’ve been using the past tense here? Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Make alterations and use with your computer at your own risk.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS Lt Antenna Receiver USB | eBay

They all worked fairly well with Tru-Traffic. You should do this buy the optional serial cable if it’s not included for maximum flexibility in working with Tru-Traffic, as downloading delormr trip logs directly to Tru-Traffic requires connecting the GPS receiver via its serial cable. The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip. There are GPS receivers from other manufacturers, but I have no personal experience with them, and I don’t know of any Tru-Traffic users working with them, so right now I can’t pass on any more information about them.

Install battery cover and you are done. I’ve used the original Earthmate which had only a RS serial connection. If it does not mention NMEAthen it may or may not work with Tru-Traffic, delorje you’ll need to investigate further to decide which is the case. I’m not sure if the Magellan GPS receiver just lost the satellite signals more easily than the Garmin, or if both lost satellites but the Garmin recovered more quickly, or if the Garmin was just dead reckoning — extrapolating from the last reliable reading — as Garmins do.

Only the USB 5 volt output will be accessed. These GPS Data Loggers may be configured to record speed, so they can avoid the problem described above. This worked fairly well, but not quite well enough that I can recommend it without reservation. An advantage here is that in the Garmin proprietary mode, the GPS receiver gives an update every second, as opposed to every 2 seconds. I’ve had hands-on experience using Tru-Traffic with a few different types of GPS receivers, drlorme they’re not equal.


This program lets you select which grids you want to sync to your PDA. See the discussion of that software above for more details. Some of them work fine as GPS data loggers, and some work also connected through Franson’s GpsGate directly to Tru-Traffic for monitoring “here” and “now” in your arterial timings diagrams, but some of the recent models are unsuitable for either purpose, and I can no longer keep track of which ones serve us well and which ones don’t.

Plus, you can load celebrity voices! Climb in the driver’s seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

Prepare the USB Cable and connect it. If you get a USB-only Garmin GPS receiver, or you don’t have the serial cable, then at present you must use some additional software to either connect the GPS receiver to Tru-Traffic or to download the pre-recorded eartbmate logs to a file for importing into Tru-Traffic.

Right now, I’d recommend using a Magellan only if you have one already. How do you do it? I have to qualify it because a number of users, including me, gpz encountered these bouts where the software and the GPS receiver suddenly stop communicating altogether for no obvious reason — the Diagnostics page just stops scrolling.

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