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Use anytime your installation requires a USB cable run of over 15 feet. Peel away the top blue layer and the bottom paper layer. When applying the sheath, slide the handpiece under the white flap, with the lens facing down. Other benefits of the DigiDoc intraoral photography system compared to traditional smile image systems include:. We think of our customers as partners.

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This provides enough power to operate most new USB devices, such as new interactive whiteboards, and allows for flexibility in equipment placement. The DigiDoc intraoral camera system allows us to take clear, more detailed photos of your smile. The main benefit of DigiDoc is the fact that it improves your experience in our office.

Multi-stop Focus Wheel for precise focusing from macro to infinity. This precision optical instrument features an easy to use 5-point Focus Wheel and unique USB connector that fits in a standard delivery unit. However, if we could choose one dental technology that has completely changed the field, it may be something as simple as intraoral photography.

Still leading the way with innovative design and increased distribution channels, Digital Doc LLC has delivered more than 35, units world-wide. Use anytime your installation requires a USB cable run of over 15 feet. For systems integrators, installers and other end users seeking an innovatively simple yet powerful solution for extending USB signals beyond their native We are here to help you and your practice.


Professionals understand black and white film, clients understand color.

Using the paper layer press down lightly on the lens for a few seconds to seal the sheath to the lens. Designed specifically for use in commercial environments.

DigiDoc unlike traditional intraoral cameras actual extends our diagnostic capabilities in addition to creating flawless high definition images. Are you able to tell the story to your clients? Our camera has the ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing imaging software.

DigiDoc Intraoral Camera | Dental Technology | Bluff Creek Dental

Crystal clear photos Early diagnosis for tooth decay and dental damage More precise treatment planning How is DigiDoc Used? With a succinct vision and a seasoned management team, Digital Doc plans to remain the industry leader in intraoral cameras. Integrated UTP power inserter technology provides milliamps of power when the power adapter is connected through the transmitter end or receiver end, depending on the desired configuration.

Dual capture buttons for easy left and right hand use.

DigiDoc Intraoral Camera Technology

Please see the photos above to determine which sheath part number is appropriate for your model camera. We can plug right alongside your USB x-ray sensors, and give you and your staff the ability to switch back and forth from. We think of our customers as partners. Light up those full face, full smile, upper and lower arch shots with bright True Spectrum LED lighting for sparkling color and sharp detail.

The unique LUM specialized LED light actually shines light through the porous enamel layer of the tooth creating an x-ray like image dkgidoc any radiation exposure. Dentists have learned that something as simple as taking color photographs has helped their practices tell the story to their patients on why a prescribed course of action is needed.


The dongle end is uniquely designed to allow it to be securely tethered to other equipment. What makes this technology so important? Digital Doc LLC has a clear vision of where it intends to be in the years to come.

DigiDoc will mainly be used as part of digdoc biannual dental checkups. With dual capture buttons and one-touch focus, control is always within reach. Both the traditional images and LUM captured diagnostic photos make it easier for our team to make accurate diagnosis, clearly explain your oral health concerns, and partner with you to find the xamera treatment options What are the Benefits of DigiDoc Intraoral Photography?

Sheaths are designed to be used for Intra-Oral images only. We can also capture before and after images to show you the progress we make during restorative or cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments. Dual capture buttons for left or right hand use One-touch 5-position electronic focus for macro to infinite viewing with OSD.

Brilliant 8-point white LED lighting and precision optical lenses for best-of-class image sharpness. Our relationship does not end when you purchase a camera.

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