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ICH6 is not only hard disk controller, but whole chipset specification. Vista bit comes with AC97 driver pre-installed. All times are GMT Why did you need to restrict this bug to Win64 guest when closing it? Like this here, where they mention this forum.

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Reviews Current version All versions. Like this here, where they mention this forum. Only the bit seems to be a problem.

Really the bug or limitation is not limited to Win64, and I really think it is on the host, not on the guest even if there’s no more supported device for it, all alternate drivers FOR WIN32 do not work: Many flat screens are sold with a few “acceptable” dead dieectsound for the same reason, otherwise the production would not suffice to the demand, and the devices would be much more expensive; Intel, AMD, and nVidia are doing the same with their CPU and GPU processors and chipsets, by recycling and downgrading them when direcstound can’t fully reach the expected zero-default level for which they were initially built: All hardware has bugs; the ones you listed don’t seem that extraordinary.

Do you support all the needed register access orders directsouns by drivers?

An error message come up and indicated I should cancel because the software is not “Compatible with Windows” and would bring “harm to my computer either “immediately or in the future”. Free Download for Windows.

Cons nothing i can think off Summary gigabyte should have added this to their website even for an old os Reply to this review Was this review helpful? The listed hardware IDs are the same as you posted. Install now the new Firefox. In fact it should just read “does not work on Windows 7 guest” because this also includes bit version “and Vista guest” where exactly the same symptom is observed.


I don’t think this is specific to the guest even if sound works on the same machine using the same version of VBOX installed on the same host OS, to run a bit or bit Linux guest: By default, all these virtual devices could be enabled and made visible to the guest OS, so the guest OS can use whatever device it supports, and users will hear sound.

VIA VTR Integrated Direct Sound AC’97 audio for windows 7??? Solved – Windows 7 Help Forums

Winamp A hugely popular and versatile audio and media player. Now I will have to spend the rest of the day fixing this instead of working. HDA auio a matter between the driver and the hardware”.

dircetsound OEM manufacturers like HP or Dell still sell PC without clearly indicating if they support VTX, even if they indicate “Windows 7 ready” and “64bit version suppported” Could that be caused by lack of hardware virtualization?

Other bugs were that the last few bytes of audio data were not played under some conditions causing audible “clicks” in the best cases ; but in some cases, some extra bytes after the end of buffers were accessed as well possibly causing bus errors due to unmapped memory addresses or IO ports, or causing the audio hardware to try accessing to other unrelated mapped addresses in use by another device, and causing for example display corruption, or failure of other critical hardware.

ADI SoundMax AC97 Integrated Digital Audio Driver D Driver – TechSpot

And you can still install a secondary hardware audio board in diretsound PC, if you wish, without having to disable the primary audio device for Windows it does not matter if they use different directsoind modes, it can perfectly handle several audio devicesjust like you can also install a secondary display device, or a secondary keyboard, or a secondary disk controler, or a secondary USB host controler many PCs today include several USB host controlers, or use a controler working in “dual” mode with one virtually connected to the other.


No thanks Submit review. Flaming or offending other users. Works great Reply to this review Was this review helpful?

But someone needs to explain then why my “virtualized” hardware PnP device Ids are different. Given that the Realtek drivers seem aidio work poorly or not at all ddirectsound many users I don’t think it makes any sense for VBox guys to add them to guest additions when people that really want to try them can install them themselves.

Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio Have tried numerous drivers. Are the emulated device registers returning the correct flags?

Note that the original Intel ICH6 hardware had known severe hardware bugs, documented by Intel, and some drivers have been tweaked to autodetect these caveats in order to avoid complete system lockup, notably when handling bus mastering. The only thing to do is then to upgrade the emulation to a more recent version.

VIA DirectSound AC97 Audio Free Driver Download

It sounds like the VirtualBox guys should do one of: After closing all my windows I had noticed I had downloaded two other game software programs and some other thing I didn’t know what it was. Are you correctly describing the ressources to the guest and dieectsound the Auduo allocations requested by the guest according to the PCI capabilities that were given?

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