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Fairy Tail: 2x23

Fairy Tail Episode 71 English Dubbed

Friendship Will Overcome the Dead. Fairy Tail Episode 71 English dubbed, watch Fairy Tail S2E23, Fairy Tail episode 71 watch online free download HD quality English subbed anime. As Daphne sucks out Natsu’s magical power, Erza is fighting copies of herself in different armors in monster form. Elfman, Wakaba, and Macao comes and battle their copies too. Natsu remembers a faint voice. He remembers how he promised a town to kill or defeat someone who controls dragons. Knowing that, he bursted a loud Roar. Gray was called to the master’s room because he betrayed Fairy Tail. All of the fairy tail members help destroy the dragon as Natsu made his decision, he plans to die with the dragon.

Fairy Tail Episode 71 English Dubbed Watch Online
Mar. 21, 2011