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Page – Section See the Using the Diagnostic Utility d. Here the Lever is still up. See Door Assembly D Page – Selecting Orientation – Portrait under C Selecting the Defined Area s function continued Refer to the previous procedure. Page – Selecting the Card Samples tab in the Di

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Although the Printer Driver will remember the settings specified for Page Buffer A block of memory, in the Printer or PC, that holds print files until the elfctronics is ready to print them.

Page – Selecting the Defined Area s function Check to see if a card is jammed in the print station of the Printer.

X and Y boxes. An icon illustrating a printed card helps represent the difference between the two.

Remove the Print Ribbon from the Printer. Using the Fargo Diagnostic utility send a test print to the Printer.

Page 69 – Installing the Printer Driver continued Adjusting The Orientation Option Select Landscape under Orientation to cause the card to print in a horizontal orientation.


Page X and Y boxes. Page Page – Selecting the Mechanics tab in the Diagn Replace the Printhead Assembly D Selecting from the Printer Selection menu Step Procedure Click on the dropdown Printer selection menu to view a list of currently installed Fargo Printer Drivers installed on the computer. Clean the Printhead with a alcohol swab. Place the Card Flipper Module next to the Printer.

This software installation process will require approximately 2 to 5 minutes depending on the speed of your PC. Click on the Yes button, as shown eleftronics. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option and click Next to continue. Edge-to-Edge Refers to the maximum printable area on a card resulting in printed cards with virtually no border.

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This letter code is as follows: Visually inspect the set of panels that rtc300 last used by the Printer. Print Ribbon Encoder detects number of revolutions required to use an entire color panel.

Page – Replacing the Stepper Motor assembly D Print speeds do not include encoding time or the time needed for the PC to process the image.


Print Security Suite – Main Window 5 applications.

Here the Input Hopper Door is closed. Hardware Continued on the next page Drawing No.


farbo Select a Printer from the Printer Selection menu that will customize the tabs that are available. Printer Setup And Xtc300 Place the unit in a location with adequate air circulation to prevent internal heat build up.

Reapply power to the Printer. Replace the Platen Roller D Installing The Printer Driver continued Click on the Yes button to exit the installer, as shown below.

Press the Yes button on the LCD to continue. If the white border is diminished, continue the adjustment until it is gone. Enter text from picture:

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