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Booting without any PCI cards. There is a patch from Microsoft which you should definatively apply! The resident programs in version 7. So, if you for any reason want to run any programs or commands before starting Windows, you can put them into this file. Using 4 different backup hard drives – all of which I know were working fine, but now all of them produce the same result. The amount of wasted space is among other things dependent on the size of the disk, as the waste is bigger on large disks, because DOS has to use larger clusters allocation units on large disks than on small disks. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

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But windows is so complex, that I do not recommend those tunings.

If you do not want to use 4DOS, leave this line out. But there was still lots of software to run on MS-DOS and people wanted to use those old software packages.

– Wikipedia

EXE installed by Windows in C: The line with the Country code is normally created by himem.syss setup program and prepares your keyboard for nation specific standards. SYS can be reversed, to reestablish the automatic start of Windows 9x and the Logo, if so wanted. You may have to register before you can post: Window’s Setup enables this option and therefore the command processor load windows every time the machine starts.


States in which directory Stacker is installed. The example are generally applicable, but line 13 and line 24 must be edited, as the drivers for CD-ROM drive and Mouse depends on the manufacturer. You can see that my cd-rom driver needs about 8K, while eansi just wants 2K.

Perhaps the FSB is hjmem.sys too high, or the power supply is weakening and can’t provide steady power to RAM, or some other problem with voltage regulation. As write accesses xmss the FAT of your hard disk are also cached in memory you can ruin you entire hard disk!

Configuring your MS-DOS properly

Some of the following is very basic, while some of it is addressed to the experienced PC user. The power supply reads fine both with a voltmeter and from the BIOS “health status” screen.

So at first you should rename your renamed win. But the graphics memory ends at AFFF. I suggest you measure the speed of your hard disks if you have more than one and set the temp directory to the fastest drive. But not as bad a performance hit as not even being able to boot to Windows!



But himem is a very critical program and wants to check your memory every time you boot up. Windows looks for the file C: Coders know that text mode starts at B The order above provides the best utilization of the Upper Memory. SYS to use 45 Kb of conventional memory instead of 1 Kb.

It completely replaces command. When windows is running the himeem.sys between the if statement and: All times are GMT This option is valid for windows too.

Some graphic cards I have seen also use bb7ff, so this very last optimization might not work for you.

If you do not want to compress your harddisk, you can often obtain more space by partitioning the disk by means of the program FDISK. For example I have installed two sound cards.

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Configuring your MS-DOS properly

By now no program has been loaded or card initialized etc. BAT will be suitable.

Now it is time to look at the third part in the boot process the autoexec.

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