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You’re on the right track. It would be better to split them up so your generated test results have clear reporting on the specific scenario being tested. In the second test case I want to provide valid credentials with the second set of data that I defined in the DataProvider method. In your data provider example the test fails because when it tries to execute: What is your exact requirement? Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing.

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You may want to compare the actual length with the length reported. Parameterization is require to create Data Driven Testing. As we create software, we always wish it should work differently with a different set of data. Shouldn’t two distinct Asserts be handled from 2 different Test annotations?

I explained in my answer that he shouldn’t combine webdrivee two tests and further explained which assert should go into which test. He asked how to use different logins with the same code and have two asserts for the different cases.

If you want to use multiple values for a parameter use DataProviders Parameters using Dataprovider Parameters annotation is easy but to test with multiple sets of data we need to use Seleniu Provider.

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What is your exact requirement? In case if the parameter name is same in suite level and test level then test level parameter will get preference over suite level. You can add one more parameters to input like below. NarendraR Yes, and my solution is to split the tests. I don’t think the approach OP was taking was the best one.

They would fail on successful logins. How do you want to handle it? JeffC, OP asking for solution not for suggestion.

Here again, we need to verify that our system is taking all set of combinations which it expected to support. I would not use them in this case and would write two separate tests, one for the bad login and another for the good login. The dataprvider settings button is not present yet. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I’m trying to test the login functionality of a datapgovider.

Parameterization in Selenium Example.

How to Use the DataProvider in TestNG with a JAVA Example

Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. Post as a guest Name. If yes return one set of value Else return another set of value package parameters; import java. To pass multiple data to the application at runtime, we need to parameterize our test scripts.


The way he’s got it set up is fine, he just needs to separate the test cases so the right one gets used with the right scenario. You want to test multiple values of the same parameter using Testng. In your data provider example the test fails because when it tries to execute: I would argue that this isn’t really a super great use of data providers, this example would likely make reading test results more difficult, because at a glance you likely wouldn’t be able to know if a failure was because of a bad user passing, or a good user failing.

How to use Dataprovider Annotation in Selenium TestNG – Automation Guide

There’s not always one way to do things. Thanks, Oren Here’s the code: There are two main listeners.

In certain Selenium Automation Tests, there is a need to control keyboard or

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