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Make sure SOG is turned on using the on-screen menu it’s under the “function” option in the menu. The newer ones, without BNC, do not work. Front RGB Input, Sync on green, 1 or 2 pixels are off-screen on left edge, otherwise rock-solid picture. The HP Pixel Policy allows no bright sub-pixel defects for this display. Manufacturer doesn’t list SOG, guess it’s not.

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Nebraska CityNE I understand that I am opting in to receive text messages from dealer or their employees. Check Availability First Name: This 17″ monitor works a treat! Monitor works fine, I wonder how hard it would be to add support for the 90 degree screen rotation that the monitor supports 14022s other sources suggest it should not.

SoG works when switching between inputs. Please enter a valid email.

GEO Accession viewer

Dont use this one. Works with PS2-Linux Kit no problems. This behavior is only present while running X Windows. Manufactured by Panasonic and made in Japan model.


No PS2 startup screen, but works fine from boot gp on. Sometime I think that this monitor has been developed for the Playstation Linux Kit: Be sure to go into the third menu and set Clamp Pulse Position to Back or the display will be green-tinted.

Email Address is required. Picture is clear in text and X Apparently SOG is supported on larger models. Additional displays required and sold separately. The only warranties for HP products ,onitor services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.

Flashing image in X windows. After that it works great.

HP Monitors

If used with a KVM at least with mineother systems will display rolling scan lines. Using it for p testing. Tested x x and x Henry Motors South, Inc. I can see some stuff, and naviagate enough to get to a point where it sync properly.

Linux for PlayStation 2 Community: Sync on Green Monitor DB

Can’ display inital PS2 screen, but once in linux works fine. Works, but doesn’t appear to want to switch between the two VGA inputs – will only support either PC or PS2 connection, konitor whichever was there first takes priority.


Amazingly crisp picture plus two video-sources – probably the best choise for PS2 and PC. Works fine, only the initial Sony Computer Entertainment Term of Loan Years: Basic install and using kde, windowmaker looks good, did not do any extensive tests – “out of range” error until linux actually boots. Make sure SoG is enabled or everything will be a monutor nasty shade of green.

This is one sexy monitor. My older model is dated: Brought home without any changes and booted with P and works.

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