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Some ImageWriter IIs have been in continuous service for 15 years. The ImageWriter II uses a serial interface and is usable on any computer that has one, just have to find the correct interface cable for your computer. Light to medium discoloration. The ImageWriter II is designed to use track paper that is fed through a slit on the back. It’s ideal for printing on continuous-feed paper, such as payroll checks or preprinted forms. Product not in stock.

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It had several optional add-ons available, including: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Macintosh Periphery please select This article needs additional citations for verification. The first ImageWriter is a serial -based dot matrix printer introduced by Apple Computer in late The band Man or Astro-man? With an optional networking card installed, the ImageWriter II was a low cost alternative to the ikagewriter more expensive LaserWriter.

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Apple ImageWriter II Printer

In Thunderware introduced the ThunderScan, an optical scanner that was installed in place of the ImageWriter ribbon cartridge. With Macintosh, what you see is what you get. By iimagewriter this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Imagewritsr Policy.


Color images and text could be produced by using a color ribbon, and eight colors were supported by the original version of QuickDraw on the Macintosh despite running on a monochrome platform.

A9M was the first Model. Sequential Systems produced a 2-in-1 solution card that combined both features into one card, as well as larger memory buffer cards up to 1 MB.

This page imabewriter last edited on 25 Decemberat Power cable is free upon request but not included as you may not need one. Product not in stock. This, as well as guaranteed compatibility with both Apple II and Macintosh computers, made it popular in schools. It was discontinued in The magazine stated that the first ImageWriter was sturdier, handled paper better, ki had better print in most cases.

Apple hardware before The narrow carriage model also supported an optional external sheet feeder that could feed cut sheet paper.

ImageWriter – Wikipedia

It was also cracked a little further up. Classic Printing for Classic Macs at www. Classic Macs need a classic printer to accompany them. There were three different models introduced over time, which were popular mostly among Apple II and Macintosh owners. Overall, they all look and work the same, but there are some parts that are not interchangeable. Easily distinguished not only by the color, but also the only model without the ImageWriter II name on the top of the case.


Apple ImageWriter II – Computing History

The printer had an expansion socket under the front cover which could accommodate either Apple’s AppleTalk network card or 32K memory buffer card, but not both at the same time. Imagewriyer ImageWriter II is compatible with every Macintosh with a serial printer port, going back to the original Macintosh. Repair parts for the ImageWriter II. Itohwith a modified ROM and pinoutreleased the same year. In it received the I.

Although a very few third-party applications also supported it, most applications could imagewruter only as if there were 8. Retrieved from ” https: The ImageWriter II came in two models. Printer interface board for LocalTalk networks.

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