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Uninstalling the Printer Driver for Windows This section describes how to uninstall the printer driver if necessary. Special Paper You can print continuously with special paper. Pull the front lever of the color Y M C K toner cartridge indicated to the left. Document feed tray 2-d: Url Notification], Specifying Communication Settings, Url Notification Address], Specifying Destinations, Selecting From Registered Destinations Specifying communication settings The [Communication] parameters available from the [Settings] screen can be used to specify settings for sending job completion notifications by E-mail.

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Item Description [Top] Select this setting when the document is loaded with its top edge at the top. Page External dimensions Height: Replacing the Transfer Belt Unit When the time to replace the transfer belt unit is reached, the message [Replace image transfer belt. Page Uninstalling the Printer Driver for Windows This section describes how to uninstall the printer driver if necessary. If [Device Color] is selected, no color space is specified. Press the [Start] key.


Be careful not to touch the surface of the belt. Index Numerics Job Timeout Page Symptom Cause Solution Image is One or more of the Remove the toner cartridges and blurred; toner cartridges may check for damage.


For EU member states only This symbol uneo Table Of Contents Output Tray Carefully pull out the misfed media.

Prepare a new transfer roller. Pull up the waste toner bottle to unlock it.

You store media in a dry location away from moisture and humidity. Halftones are reproduced with detail.

3p5 in the administrator password default: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Message Cause Solution [Toner is low. Authentication] [Group Address] Specify settings for printing the list of group destinations.

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Changing the administrator password The following procedure describes how to change the administrator pass- word. Before opening the right door, fold up Tray 1. Page 97 [Paper] Specify settings for the paper used for printing. Introduction This chapter provides information to aid you in resolving machine problems you may encounter, or at least guide you to the proper sources for help.

Note Decreased print quality may result if the surface of the image transfer belt or the transfer roller is touched. Page 89 [Daylight Saving Time] Specify settings for daylight saving time. Selecting by searching for a destination type or name Destinations can be selected by searching for their type or name.


Legal Restrictions On Copying Legal Restrictions on Copying Certain types of documents indo never be copied with the purpose or intent to pass copies of such documents off as the originals. This machine cannot automatically detect the size of an original docu- ment that will be scanned. In addition, stored settings 35l be recalled. To cancel Interrupt mode, press the [Interrupt] key again. Close the right side cover of Tray 3 or Tray 4.

Directly typing in the address To specify a destination ine is not registered with the machine, directly type in the address. Select a destination from the list. Page Status, error and service messages Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it.

Page Make sure that the toner car- tridge is the same color as the machine compartment, and then insert the toner cartridge into the machine.

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