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Where Fedora is cutting edge and I enjoy both. It looks nice, I will try to get it in VMware soon. I’ll probably still use the ‘buntu’s first, since I know them better and have customizing scripts already written. I will follow the newsfeed, and wish you good luck with the future. Would be nice if the drivers were included in the next Fuduntu release, Ubuntu and its derivatives seem to be the only ones who can get this right!

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The Fedora updates have been pretty solid for me since 12, they have been pretty smooth.

Like Steam, the package did not show up in the graphical frontend, but YUM found it and installed it without a hitch. Fuduntu [Desktop] [OS Installation] You sometimes must specify exact versions rather than meta packages, and this can be a little tedious, as you have to use grep and whatnot to narrow down your searches.

Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3

Include the ability to see which Disk the drive letter is on. Correct broken Ubuntu and Linux Mint installer options when no format option is chosen. Glad that you enjoyed trying it out! Finally, after Stage 2 is complete — upon the second reboot, select Stage 3 to boot the drive where you installed Windows XP. The only downside was the customizer running every time there is a kernel update. Ah thats too bad, I kinda wanted to try the open source drivers.


The now abandoned nautilus-elementary e.

Fedora 20 USB boot problem [closed] – Ask Fedora: Community Knowledge Base and Support Forum

Most other distros suffered from crash after logging albeit that started after an update so it may have been solved nowI was previously running a fuduhtu JoliOS although that was basically Ubuntu Also, I wonder how long you’ll be able to keep using that name before it gets shut down by Canonical. Oh it is worse. Non Compiz enabled desktop: Bram I can’t promise that something like that would or wouldn’t be an issue in Fuduntu. Your USB drive won’t be bootable.

I’ve never ventured away from MS Windows for my laptop but I’m becoming tempted to try Ubuntu in one form or another.

No need to keep complaining about it. Sure, I can fake proxy and all that, but why. I will update the website later today with the links.

Not the most flattering review in Distrowatch Don’t choose persistence and set the slider or the process will freeze while trying to build the persistent file and you will be forced to close YUMI. Fuduntu Website – Fuduntu. It’s bleeding edge, it’s fast, modern, light, elegant, and comes with a mighty punch of usg, including Steam and Netflix.


Peppermint [Desktop] [OS Installation] Fix broken Debian, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu links. Corrected broken Debian homepage link and Lubuntu, Xubuntu download links. The name is horrible.

All changes released in the ISOs are available as updates to current Fuduntu users, so if you are already using Fuduntu and have installed the latest updates, no action is required on your part. Thanks for the very in depth review. AlterEgo is available in the Stable repository for installation by existing users beesu yum install fuduntu-alterego.

I think that if you are going to install LibreOffice Writer and Calc then you may as well install Impress as well and also sub would be good to have either Rhythmbox or Banshee. I’m working to address this. For Gnome Legacy, consider Fuduntu

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