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During product installation on a host Linux OS, you may control the drivers installation options via the Advanced Options. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Share Tweet Share Send. Performance Analysis Cookbook For end-to-end tuning and configuration use cases, explore the VTune Amplifier Performance Analysis Cookbook that introduces such recipes as: Allow Multiple Runs or Multiplex Hardware Event-based Sampling Collection with Stacks. Project Navigator Context Menus:

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The memory overhead is also minimal. This option ensures that during the collection the VTune Amplifier collects data only for the current user.

Make sure that the kernel header sources are present on your host system. It usually has less overhead since it does not require to virtualize counters per process.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier Tutorials | Intel® Software

Sample Count – Hardware Events Window: Install the hardware event-based collector driver with the per-user filtering on. Summary – Hotspots by Thread Concurrency Window: Inteel driver [ yes default ].


Kernel development sources required for driver rebuild should correspond to the Linux kernel update. Your screens may vary from the screen shots shown throughout these tutorials. Project Navigator Context Menus: Sample Count – Hardware Events Window: Options – General Pane: Guessed Stack Frames Problem: Summary – Locks and Waits Window: See Resolving Unknown Frame s for more details.

Summary – Memory Usage Window: Bandwidth – Platform Power Analysis Window: But you can enable the Collect stacks option during analysis configuration to make the collector take exact measurements of any hardware performance events vtuje timestamps, as well as collect a call stack to the point where a thread gets activated and inactivated.

Unless data is being collected by the VTune Amplifier, there will be no latency impact on system performance. The boot script can be disabled later by executing: Prerequisites for remote vtine systems: Project Navigator Context Menus: Bottom-up – Memory Usage Window: Graphics – Hotspots Window: Summary – Hotspots Window: Inaccurate Sum in the Grid Problem: Copy the results to the Windows host system and view the collected data with VTune Amplifier.


Cannot Find File Window: Driver permissions [ default ] Change permissions for the driver. Cannot Open Data Error Message: Sampled instruction pointers along with their calling sequences stacks are stored in data collection files. Each demonstrates an end-to-end workflow you can ultimately apply to your own applications.

Build and Install the Sampling Drivers for Linux* Targets

Tvune an application only once and multiplexes the event groups in a round robin fashion during the run. When the filtering is on, the collector gathers data only for the processes spawned by the user who started the collection.

Event Count – Hardware Events Window: The number of hardware events Performance Monitoring Counters that can be collected simultaneously is limited by CPU capabilities.

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