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You can customize the prompt label by providing a one-word character string with a maximum length of 80 characters, after a wildcard. If not specified, you are prompted for the password. This value affects only the time that isql waits for the server to respond to a login attempt. By default, no timeout is specified. As with other commands, not providing a value to the command results in a toggle of the current setting.

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Provides clients with failover property. Reads and displays an operating system file.

isql Interactive SQL Utility

See Dialects for details of the differences between the three dialects. Setting this command determines whether or not isql will “bail out” on any errors when the input command has been used to read a script file.

A few examples for which isql issues warnings are:. Identification of the script that started a particular isql session from within Adaptive Server.

Terminate a command by typing a line beginning with the default command terminator go or other command terminator if the -c option is used. If you used the encryption option, your password is not readable. Do not use the following: If you use a double wildcard, the second prompt label starts with Confirm.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

The isql default is never to display the plan. If any of the the parameters to the connect command contains spaces, you must wrap that parameter in single or double quotes. Specifies the character set to use on the client. If you have xefault that perform routines based on the values of these messages you may need to rewrite them.


Alternatively, a remote connection would be made as follows, specifying the server name and the database alias together:. Firebird is slash agnostic and automatically converts either type of slash to suit the relevant operating system. Caution Regarding the security aspect of using database alias names to hide the full path to the actual database file sit’s not really all that secure as the following SQL command shows: This command causes all the SQL commands being executed to be displayed on the output device prior to their execution.

Testing of Adaptive Server cluster routing rules for incoming client connections based on the client application name. When Vefault try to connect to the database using isql tool, I get the following error:. Enables setting the universal remote password remotepassword for clients accessing Adaptive Server. This command applies to dialect 1 databases only.

When you specify the -F parameter, the server returns a message when it encounters a non-standard SQL command.

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Well, we can defer to the trusty ISQL command line utilityas shown in the following screenshot:. Allows you to run isql defaulr a terminal where the character set differs from that of the devault on which isql is running. FDB” On Linux, a similar example would be: This option can result in normal or extended password encryption, depending on connection property settings at the server. It has no effect in other dialects. This command specifies whether warnings are to be output.


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The results appear on your terminal. Starting the SQL interactive interface. There is no indication that rowcount is restricting the number of rows returned, it is the responsibility of the user to remember, or check whether rowcount is on or off. For error levels lower than the specified level, nothing appears. iqsl

Regarding the security aspect of using database alias names to hide the full path to the actual database file sit’s not really all that secure as the dsfault SQL command shows:. Go Up to Command-line isql Tool.

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