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When i tried a different port, I was getting a connection refused, which is more a networking problem wrong port as you imply. From the description it looks like you get the connection refused when you connect to the default port , because Pg is running on port , but your actual problem is nothing to do with the connection refused error and everything to do with auth. If you don’t want to enter a password either, you can set that up, but it is an involved process. Negative – did not work. The upshot of this is that ‘?

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The process on other systems is roughly analogous. So I set a password.

Email Required, but never shown. Younes 8 The second exception is the way you log in to the database system. Why did my application break?

PostgreSQL JDBC Documentation

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If you are relying only on a blank password and have not set up an other mode of password-less authorization then this will not work. The upshot of this is that code which was previously able to call for example: This is usually a bad idea, it’s much better to just set a password. It seems I am indeed on Peer authentication failed for user “test”.


I completely agree that specifying a password is best. My problem is that I created a user without a password.

See the JTA specification, section 3. If you’d like to do the CSE mini-projects from home, you’ll need to install the following:.

When running protocol version 3 however, the driver specifies the type of each parameter as it is being sent. On the other hand, Postgres installed using the Windows installer will always prompt you for a username and password; you can use user postgreswhose password is the “database superuser password” you chose in setup. poztgresql

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What is not the Some application servers use it to allow a bit more concurrency without allocating a bigger jdbc connection pool. If you don’t want to enter a password either, you can set that up, but it is an involved process.

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This release is not a rewrite of the driver, is not using a new architecture, nor is using something special, it’s the continuation of the same driver following a better versioning policy. We have three issues we are trying to address here.


Problems with upgrading the postgfesql generally fall hdbc one of two categories: If i do not specify a password with DriverManager. This is because, when you use initdb to create a data folder, Postgres allows any local user to connect using any Postgres username without providing a password.

By specifying the correct port, this is the proper way to connect, by specifying a blank password, if that’s how the user is set up. Every password I try, including empty string, fails to authenticate with the DB.

On Lab machines, you are not normally asked for a username or password when connecting to the database.

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