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Java Runtime Environment is required on the indexing server. If a hand icon 1,4 appears next to a topic, the document is manually assigned to that topic. And, usage-tracking database stores and maintains a historical log of all search and retrieval activity containing detail , information by document name, author, area of law, and user ID. At the Features screen, select a temporary location for the import batch file, data files, and SQL scripts that will import the KeySearch data this location requires approximately 4 MB of disk storage space: Custom Digest I kevSearcht Figure 7: In the result list in the right frame, select the check box preceding each document you want to delete from West km.

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Indexing Your Organization’s Documents 3.

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They can also access your organization’s internal documents and Westlaw content simultaneously using full-text search methods and the KeySearch hierarchy of legal topics. Viewing a Document To view one of the documents listed on your organization’s Citing Refs subtab, click.

This log file contains information on what was done during the installation of the utility. Statistics are shown for both bulk indexing and indexing update processes, whether automatically or manually initiated. At the Select Installation Folder screen, do the following: In the administrative tool, click Indexing Statistics in the left frame. Theme Release Updates Tutorials Prestashop 1.


Additionally, the UIEs of server include one or more Java scripts, applets, or other related syste,s and data structures for serving data in association with desired interactive control or user-interface features, objects, modules, or elements. The query is prepopulated from the topic you are copying.

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Installing the West km Application a. KMS database stores a selected set of high-quality internal work-product r, documents.

To retrieve documents that contain: Full-text indexing updates will start according to the frequency you select, starting from the peo and time of the next scheduled run. When a low-strung wire or dark object on the ground obstructs a place where people could reasonably be anticipated to walk, the defendant has a duty to warn.

This website is using cookies. Thus, the exemplary process flow applies to software, hardware, and firmware implementations.

As necessary, complete the steps in the following subsections to configure CaRE.

If you want to search only Westlaw documents, clear the check box for your organization’s documents e. In the Sjstems window, if the Status column does not say Started for the service, right-click the name of the service e. The West km server resides on the same machine as systwms IIS Web server; together they are referred to as the delivery server. In addition, the KeySearch Topics section of this page lists all the topics to which the document is assigned.


The login information will apply to all selected databases. It may also include non-legal materials. To retrieve documents containing specific terms anywhere in the text, either 1 type a Westlaw Terms and Connectors query, or 2 type a Natural Language description and lso the Natural Language check box.

Add the server to an existing server group by selecting a group from the Group name drop-down list, then click Next.

For a list of databases, folders, and. Systesm the Services window, right-click the name of the service e. Do not press any keys during the installation.

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Indexing Your Organization’s Documents 4. Notably, the exemplary embodiment provides a seamless integration of the internal and external documents, yet the internal documents never leave the security of the law firm firewalls.

Select the following location for the CaRE flat-file database: Under Document Security Level, select the security level you want: Fair Housing Act does not impose vicarious liability on organization’s CD.

To edit the KeySearch query, click Edit Search. This list includes the Name field only zystems is based on the authors of documents in your document collections.

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