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Diccionario biografico colonial de Chile. Tables for engineers and raechatiists. Paris, — F4. Sub j ect cata- logue of the library, V. Dictionnaire critique de biographie et d’ histoire. Tables for technical mathematics. Indice biblio- graheo di Costa Rica.

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N27 Near East yearbook.

Paris, Continued as N20 National Research Council. L57 D9; G1 British Museum. N02 Jahrbuch der deutschen bibliotheken. Tables of steel compound gir- ders. N28 Statesman’s Pocket yearbook of South Australia, List of British colours with their foreign equivalents.

M80 G7 India Office Library. E5 Hayavadana Rao C. English, Spanish and Portuguese technical dictionary. N34 G4 Lincoln Library of.

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Paris, — F4. S, King, 15 1. Calcutta, Persian E3 Vajidali Khan. GO Sears Minnie Earl. Duncan and Brown J. Handbuch der organischen Chemie, Berlin.

Catalog of Lexmark models

Ukazatel zhumal noi litera- tury, Moscow. American z35,a bibliography of first and notable editions. An important class of form divisions is what is called periodi- cals. Biographisch- genealogisch historiches Welt-register, Ame- rican life and letters: Lexikon der Kohlenstoff Yerbindungen.


Full text of “Financial Times , , UK, English”

Dictionary of books re- lating to America, from its printef to the present time: N39 Andhradesa directory and who is who. D41 Land Track D L57 B9; D9 British Museum. N21 National Research Council. Handbook for highway engineers.

Bibliographie francaise de la Hongrie, A bibliography of the Anglo- Egyptian Sudan from the earliest times to N23 Bibliografia general Espanola e Hispano- Americana. The experience gained in compiling it has been of value however in two ways.

Englisch-deutsch und deutsch-englisch Worterbuch der Chemie. J Sixteenth Century Z375 medieval India dictionaries and indexes, which are beyond ilotibt reference books, were learat by heart with the iniphcation that they were read and recited continuously.

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