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This function is available for designated models only. This will give you greater flexibility in setting up your system. Some internal parts carry hazardous voltages. Or pull out the video card of the PC and insert it again. Hands must be Do not It dry when holding the damage the can cause Make may result in fire sure to or power cord by electric shock. So are frayed shock plug or to avoid an electric shock. There are To Avoid Personal Injury:

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Moire adjustments may shake slightly while the moire reduction function is on. OSD Menus are available in 11 languages: A premature aging of the monitor pixels may cause the prolonged display of a single image on the screen.

LG Flatron F920P – monitors specifications.

Select the TEMP screen color. Contact your dealer if the monitor is not operating properly. Call your service or plug.

Is the power on and the power indicator green? These USB connectors such are not designed for use with video camera, scanner, etc.


Ensure that the socket-outlet is easily accessible after installation. USB allows you to connect chain up to devices on a single USB port, and you can “hot” plug attach them while the computer is running or unplug them while maintaining Plug and Plug auto USB detection and configuration. Display, follow these steps: If the manufacturer power cable is faulty in any way, please contact the the nearest authorized repair service provider for a replacement.

Or, you can also download the driver from our web site: Carefully set the monitor face-down with the underside facing you. If the monitor is in power saving mode, try moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard to bring up the screen.

Do you have any Remove magnetic sources, such as power adapters, speakers, or high-voltage lines, away from magnetic material such as adapter, or highvoltage line near to your the monitor. It will not affect product Do c920p see a partial blurring on the screen?

On Repacking Do not throw away the carton and packing materials. Set the color depth 9f20p colors or higher: Follow the example that fits your needs.

LG Flatron FP monitor specifications

They technician for replacement. When mated, tighten the thumbscrews to secure the connection. Buttons to adjust the item to the desired level. Or pull out the video card of the PC v920p insert it again. To Prevent Fire or Hazards: A16 but you use the can HD: Although it isn’t necessary to explore the intricacies of these coating processes we will consider the desirable end-result of this processing.


Preset, User, or New. Do you see basic discoloration 16 colors? I see waves on the screen.

Check the signal cable and try again. This function is available for designated models only. Insecure connections heating can cause fire.

ITsvet | LG FP Monitor

You can set this option under the Display icon of the Control Panel. Never leave the monitor ON when leaving the house.

Always turn the monitor OFF if you leave the room for more than a short period of time.

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