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The Format entry also indicates compatibility. To view the Options screen, from the Firmware Update screen, enter the options command. If you have followed the procedure, and your device is still not accessible, call HP customer support for assistance. If it is a self-extracting bundle, extract the contents to the firmware directory. The recommended method of diagnosing embedded drives is to first select the library they belong to, and then select the specific drive within each tool window. Enter the view command to view the support ticket. Looks at the drive history runs device analysis and looks for at DDS report information.

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The Activity bar shows progress during two phases: Select a device in the device list By Product or By Connection tab. I am nervous about playing around with the cabling because I don’t have a good knowledge of SCSI cabling etc. When the scan completes successfully, the device list automatically switches to the By Product tab.

Using a report or support ticket This the core of the assessment test. Note that you may have to reboot your system.

Any comment on this? Click this button to find any customer advisories for the product. Select the desired components to install and click Idenyify. The compression ratios are displayed and should be approximately 2: The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


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ESL libraries This test script cohld the robotics through the full range of motion to help prevent reliability issues with the brush tracks. Is Tapeware “bombing out” before, during, after a backup session?

You can these files individually. Expand All Expands all subitems.

Click Extract Device Data to generate the report or support ticket. Also kindly check the Windows Event Viewer for further notifications.

If the inventory information needs to be updated, setting this option to True causes an Initialize Element Status command to corrdct issued to the library at the start of the test. In that case, the test will report that non-standard test options were used so the results identifu the test cannot be guaranteed. For example, a nightly backup probably doesn’t need the same level that a ten year archive does.

A marginal drive or drive with marginal tape may take substantially longer.

Is the drive working as expected? These tickets can be parsed and the output compared against a previous successful run.


HP Library and Tape Tools User Guide

The Activity bar will slide from the start to the finish for each file downloaded. When a test is destructive to data, this is indicated in the test description. HP media documentation also uses this unit.

Running tests identiy device-specific utilities After extracting or refreshing the device data, the following three options become available: With the default test options, the average time is approximately 8 minutes for a healthy drive with a good tape.

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Device Self Test Options: Reports and support tickets can be generated in two ways: If no password has been entered, Not Set is displayed. It may require the installation or update of additional OS components, possibly requiring a reboot of the system during installation. Viewing a report or support ticket After a report or support ticket is generated, it is displayed in the report viewer.

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