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Findzone MUST return at least 1 row for a zone query before the lookup query will ever be called. The query must be written to that when the tokens are replaced with search values it is still valid. ISC , a non-profit c 3 public-benefit Apr Like the findzone query, the results returned by the allowzonexfr query are not really used, so what you return and in what order doesn’t really matter. I tried this out and it works for me. This query should be used to return ALL records in the zone. This function takes five parameters and has the following signature:.

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Your database can hold these fields as strings or numbers, but they MUST be able to be properly parsed into a number without any extra characters. mysqp

The last parameter is “data”. This tells BIND that the domain name is absolute, and not to be used relative to our zone of “example. If at least 1 row is returned, then the database does support the zone, and thus is authoritative for dlx. Note that I replicate data from another table but you can just as well enter any values manually.

Bind-DLZ with MySQL

The first step is to install any pre-requisites: You are still responsible to make sure the query is correct once the tokens have been replaced.


The chart below shows 12 fields but not all fields are required in all queries. Can you please advice? If zero rows are returned, the client is not allowed to perform zone transfers on this zone.

Like the lookup query, nysql number, type and order of fields returned by the query is extremely important. Some fields are labeled as “string num “.

Notice that the Postgres driver specifies a number as its next arguement, and the MySQL driver does not. It is used in any error messages Myql displays while parsing its config file.

[ubuntu] Bind+DLZ+MySQL Hardy

Be sure to add a user and group, as well as setup some basic directories for data: The first “-g” tells BIND to write all log messages to stdout instead of a log file. But the flexibility afforded by this way of doing things is very powerful. NS1 is not a fully qualified domain name.

Next is “ttl” or time to live, field 1 in our chart. How many fields are returned is also of great importance. In order for the fields to be interpreted properly by the driver, they must be in the correct order.

Since the findzone function is run by the allowzonexfr function this query is also run when allowzonexfr is dllz.

This query is used by allowzonexfr in the MySQL driver. A python script then creates the necessary entries in the postfix database to allow mail routing to occur. Now that we have covered all the different types of queries that can be used by the MySQL driver, we can discuss the number, type and order of fields returned by the queries. The allnodes query is actually the simplest to understand because it makes use of all the fields and has the fewest options.


This query is used by authority in the MySQL driver. The configure script will search in the normal locations for the MySQL headers and libraries.

The first parameter “lookup” jysql used internally by the driver and BIND so you can just ignore it. This driver has been tested on Windows 2K and Redhat Linux 7. This is the database connection string; it is required. Instead of imposing a database schema, the driver accepts SQL queries with a few special tokens as parameters. Please try this and let me know how it turns out. Notice the space at the beginning. The query must be written to that when the tokens are replaced with search values it is still valid.

The MySQL client d,z and header files are required to build the driver and are not included in this package.

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